Hedley takes dominant victory at Donington Park

James Hedley claimed a dominant victory to round out the second round of the Ginetta Junior championship at Brands Hatch.

The championship leader shot past James Taylor off the line and set about building a strong advantage to the rest of the field.

As Taylor, Theo Edgerton, Gus Burton and Zak O’Sullivan battled for second, Hedley stormed away at the front of the order to finish more than 20 seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

His second win of the weekend – his first on track – puts him more than 40 points ahead of Taylor in second.

Burton took second as Edgerton span, collecting a number of drivers and sending others swerving to avoid him. It gave the Douglas Motorsport driver some breathing room as Taylor and O’Sullivan resumed the battle for the final podium position, but the two soon decided to work together and close the gap to second.

By the closing stages of the race, the three were running side by side, allowing Hedley to extend his advantage. Taylor passed for second on the penultimate lap, only for O’Sullivan to retake the position the following lap, pipping him to second by 0.126s.

Lorcan Hanafin, who ran wide in the opening laps and dropped down the order, recovered to take third from Burton on the final lap.

Ethan Hawkey took sixth, ahead of Will Martin and Roman Bilinski, though a five second time penalty for exceeding track limits dropped the In2Racing driver down the order.

Daniel Gale also finished inside the top 10, but dropped down the order with two time penalties for exceeding track limits, and was classified P14.

Tom Emson inherited eighth, ahead of Casper Stevenson and Roman Bilinski.

Position Name Number Team Time/Gap
1 James Hedley 67 Elite Motorsport 17m07.544
2 Zak O’Sullivan 51 Douglas Motorsport +20.305s
3 James Taylor 66 Richardson Racing +20.431s
4 Lorcan Hanafin 23 Douglas Motorsport +21.842s
5 Gus Burton 57 Douglas Motorsport +22.231s
6 Ethan Hawkey 40 Total Control Racing +26.227s
7 Will Martin 10 Richardson Racing +27.041s
8 Tom Emson 27 Elite Motorsport +30.718s
9 Casper Stevenson 25 Richardson Racing +31.847s
10 Roman Bilinski 55 In2Racing +32.235s
11 Joel Pearson 29 Elite Motorsport +33.483s
12 Harry Dyson 20 Premiership Academy +35.874s
13 Frankie Taylor 32 SVG Motorsport +36.946s
14 Daniel Gale 68 Total Control Racing +42.634s
15 Josh Rattican 21 R Racing/In2Racing +47.131s
16 Bailey Vosin 22 Douglas Motorsport +47.393s
17 Charlie McLeod 37 Premiership Academy +47.620s
18 Freddie Tomlinson 62 In2Racing +49.720s
19 Molly Dodd 47 Premiership Academy +1m03.209s
20 Haytham Qarajouli 75 Total Control Racing +1m28.330s
DNF Ethan Brooks 86 Total Control Racing +2 Laps
DNF Ben Kasperczak 35 In2Racing +2 Laps
DNF Will Rochford 11 Total Control Racing +4 Laps
DNF Ben O’Hare 95 Premiership Academy +6 Laps
DNF Theo Edgerton 54 Total Control Racing +8 Laps

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