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Abandoned Croft race to be run at Snetterton

by Bethonie Waring

The Ginetta Junior field will compete in four races at Snetterton this weekend as the abandoned Croft race has been rescheduled.

The opening race of the weekend at the Yorkshire circuit was postponed due to dangerous wet weather conditions. The tight schedule at Croft meant it could not be pushed back to later in the weekend, and needed to be rescheduled for another event.

British Formula 4 has confirmed its race, which was called off after just two laps, will not be rerun.

There were mixed feelings about the decision to cancel the race. Douglas Motorsport’s Zak O’Sullivan claimed only having one race “saved” his weekend, while championship leader James Hedley was a little more disappointed.

“I had mixed feelings about it,” he told Ginetta Junior Update at the race. “Then when I was out there, the new surface is so grippy I was like ‘let’s race, let’s do this’.

“Obviously sadly it got cancelled. We only got one race today which is a bit annoying, but I think they’re going to put the race on at another track, so let’s hope we can have good results there.”

Roman Bilinski added: “It’s definitely disappointing. We’re all excited for two. The first race did look to be wet and that is my strength, but maybe it will go well at Snetterton.”

Hedley is set to start the race – which will run on Saturday afternoon – from pole, alongside Will Martin.

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