Taylor hopes championship turn around with Elite will boost 2020 campaign

Ginetta Junior Winter Series winner James Taylor hopes the championship turn around he enjoyed with Elite Motorsport will help as he graduates from the championship in 2020.

Taylor took two wins from the opening two rounds of the season, but fell away from the championship fight in the middle of the year.

After moving from Richardson Racing to Elite Motorsport, the second-year driver finished regularly inside the top five and ended the season fifth in the championship.

Taylor continued with Elite for the Winter Series, which he dominanted to take four wins from four races.

“I enjoyed my last season in Juniors, especially when we moved to Elite,” he told Ginetta Junior Update.

“We’ve had lots of good luck and lots of good races at the back end of the year, so I think we’ve left in a positive way.

“We’ve turned this championship around and it setsus up for whatever we’re doing next year.”

Taylor will be the first Winter Series champion since 2009 to not continue in the main series the following year. The 2018 scholarship winner is assessing his options for 2020, with the GT4 SuperCup one of the options.

“Hopefully [sponsor] Yesss Electricals will stay with me for next year. I woudln’t be on the grid without them. So it’s what they want to do, really.

“I’ll do anything. I’m progressing, whether that’s [to] Porsche, Formula 4, or SuperCup.”

He added that, if the decision was to progress to the SuperCup, he would aim to remain with Elite Motorsport.

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