2020 Drivers

The Ginetta Junior Championship has become the testing bed for many future motorsport stars, including McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris and W Series champion Jamie Chadwick. Here are the drivers competing for the title this season.


Team Drivers Number   Wins Twitter Website
Alastair Rushforth Motorsport Zak Taylor 99 R   @Zak_Taylor99 zaktaylorracing.com
Assetto Motorsport Joe Wheeler 88 R      
Elite Motorsport Josh Miller 14 R      
  Seb Hopkins 18 R      
  Tom Lebbon 34 R      
  Tommy Pintos 77 R   @tommypintos  
  William Aspin 16 R      
  William Vincent 46 R      
Fox Motorsport Liam McNeilly 48 R   @lmcneillyracing liammcneilly.com
R Racing Aston Millar 70 R      
  Bailey Voisin 22       baileyvoisin.co.uk
  Freddie Tomlinson 62        
  Joel Pearson 29     @Joel29Pearson  
  Josh Rattican 21     @JoshRattican  
Richardson Racing Georgi Dimitrov 23 R   @GeorgiDimitrovR georgi-dimitrov.com
  Trennon Bettany 41 R      
  Rowan Vincent 19 R   @r_vincentracing  
Total Control Racing Tom Edgar 52 R   @tomedgarracing tomedgarracing.com
  William Rochford 11        
Privateer Will Jenkins 30 R      



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